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Carlo Sunseri of Crosse Studios Brings Lacrosse to Gaming Industry

Carlo Sunseri, Founder of Crosse Studios, is on a mission to bring lacrosse into the $20 billion video game industry. Off the top of your head what activity can you think of that hasn’t been in a video game before? From violent military games to wild adventure games, you would think the video game industry has […]

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Kellogg’s Cereal Sales Aren’t Gr-r-reat!

All is not well in the land of Rice Krispies and Frosted Flakes. Kellogg Co. has just announced yet another quarterly drop for its cereal business, as well as plans to initiate a seven percent cut in its workforce (roughly 2,000 jobs) by 2017.  Yup, cereal sales at Kellogg aren’t Gr-r-reat! It’s shaping up to be […]

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Phubbing Is Clever But Contradictory

  McCann Melbourne made up  the word phubbing.  It’s a clever but contradictory term coined by a group of lexicographers, poets and authors. You have to give these folks credit for cleverness: the ad agency has actually invented a new word: “phubbing.” “Phubbing” refers to the act of snubbing someone in a social setting by looking at […]

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Man Busted for Huffing at Arlington Starbucks

It’s not every day that you can say your former office was the site of a drug bust, but the Arlington Starbucks Center had the scourge of drugs enter its sacred walls this week when a man was busted for huffing. No, I don’t mean he was derisive and blustery of the new pink bags that […]

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Das Woofwagon: Volkswagen’s Canine Alter Egos For Cars

Disclaimer:  I am not a canine fan.  I do own a Volkswagen.   I do not own a Woofwagen. Okay, so… dew things go together as well as Volkswagens and dog-lovers. Well, it finally seems that Volkswagen has picked up on this social trend: for their new ad campaign in the UK, the German automaker […]

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