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Heineken Uncaps Sub Beer Machine

Heineken, the world’s third-biggest brewer, is taking a leaf from Nespresso owner Nestle’s book with the Sub, a beer-making machine for drinkers who want a freshly pulled pint at home. This sub is shiny, sultry, sleek and sublime. Kinda part K-cup machine and part keg.  It comes with a special two-litre keg called the Torp, and […]

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Butterfinger Sticks It To Reese’s

Doh! Reese’s is about to get some sweet new competition from Bart Simpson-backed Butterfinger. The Nestle brand scored a Super Bowl spot plugging a new peanut butter cup version of the awesome candy bar that will launch in January. Butterfinger is confirmed to make its first Super Bowl debut in 2014, marking the first time for […]

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Coca-Cola Rolls Out Portable Parks

Coca-Cola, that global monolith of syrupy salespower, has been known to engage in unconventionally massive ad campaigns before. In their latest effort, Coke has (literally) rolled out bottle-shaped patches of turf in 13 cities around the world. These plots of grass have been quickly adorned with trees, benches, Coca-Cola vending machines, and a conspicuously peppy […]

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Cadbury Tries To Trademark The Color Purple

Cadbury, that vaunted king of British confectionaries, has finally lost a court battle to trademark the signature shade of purple that it has used in its packaging since World War I. Last week, a British Court struck down their patent attempt, declaring that “the mark … lacks the required clarity, precision, self-containment, durability, and objectivity […]

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Kmart Airs Holiday Ads in September

Kmart started airing television spots in September for the still-distant Christmas shopping season. In doing so, they’ve clinched a record for the earliest launch of the holiday shopping season yet. Every year, America’s biggest retailers have been inching the holiday shopping goalposts a little earlier into the fall. The previous record holder – from last year […]

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