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JCPenney Sounds the Back to School Battle Cry in New Ads

Remember the first day back at school? Does that gauntlet of high-stakes social gymnastics send existential shivers down your spine? Well, JCPenney’s new Back to School ad campaign certainly hopes so. The department store chain has had their fair share of troubles lately – investor Bill Ackman’s departure chief among them – so it seems […]

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If You Are Happy, Coke Says You Should Be Moving

By Howard Davidson Arlington MA If you are you happy because you watch commercials? Do you watch commercials because you are happy? If you watch Coca-Cola’s new ad, you’ll see that if you are happy, Coke says you should be moving. With advertising animation guru Johnny Kelly at the helm, the ad follows the happy […]

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The Egg McMuffin Reaches Its Midlife Crisis?

Posted By – Howard Davidson Arlington MA It’s been 40 years since the oozy, celluloid McMuffin has been introduced to breakfast eaters in the USA.  But has the McMuffin reached a midlife crisis At first, it was quite a feat in itself to get people to go to a fast-food chain in the morning – […]

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Mello Yello Steers A Comeback With NHRA

Posted By – Howard Davidson Arlington MA Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and Dr. Pepper: soda royalty. But what happened to the runt of the family, Mello Yello? Scarcely seen, if not entirely M.I.A for the past fifteen years, Mello Yello is but a fading memory except for maybe that jingle. The super sweet and fuzzy […]

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